Nutritional Counseling &
Healing Foods

“Melissa Ward has changed almost everything about how my wife and I now consume food. She has given me, the cook in our family, a number of unique recipes which have made it possible for both of us to cut down on sugary desserts. She has changed where I shop from boutique convenience stores to CO-OPs and farmer's markets.

She has additionally taught me something about the art of cooking: how better ingredients help contribute to better tasting meal and how to care about the overall presentation of food. I now grow my own herbs and use them in most of my meals. I would recommend her highly to any family or individual that wants to graduate from pedestrian cooking, to a higher level of fine healthy dining."
Dana Gardiner - Beverly Hills, California

“After I had a medical exam where my blood pressure was 140/95, my cholesterol was 240 and my weight was 180, Melissa put me on a diet program.

After 30 days on her program, I had a second physical. My blood pressure was 120/80, cholesterol was 199 and my weight was 155. Even my doctor was impressed! I stayed on the program for 2 more months and got back down to my college weight of 132.

That was two years ago and I've kept the weight off. I learned a new healthy way of eating and Melissa Ward is responsible. I will forever be in her debt.”
JW - Santa Monica

"Melissa Ward is a true resource in the area of nutrition and wellness. I have referred her to many friends (and my mother) who needed help either dieting or convalescing. She loves sharing her knowledge of healthy foods and supplements. She is an inspiring teacher because she makes positive choices in her own life."
Leanne Ungar - Boston

“Melissa is a great teacher. Her knowledge of healthy cooking is invaluable. She makes cooking a delicious and nutritious meal fun. With great enthusiasm, I can recommend both her outdoor classes and private lessons and look forward to taking more in the future.”
Lisa Cheek

“I have been fortunate enough to eat food from Organic Gourmet which Melissa prepared personally. It is delicious, healthy, creatively conceived, and the presentation is flawless and elegant.”
John Baltic

“Melissa has an extensive knowledge of nutrition and cooks the most amazingly delicious, healthy and beautiful food using the highest quality ingredients in a creative way. Every dish she has ever prepared for us has been fantastic.”
Annmarie Dalton - Santa Monica

“I worked for Melissa's catering company for several years at a variety of events and found her to be well organized, prepared for anything and able to pull things together with a wonderful sense of ease. More importantly, her food was always extremely healthy and beautifully prepared. Her feel for organic cuisine is truly innate. And her curiosity about the properties of food and preparation techniques limitless. I'd recommend Melissa as a teacher, as a coach or in any situation where I needed to learn more about healthy eating and cooking.”
Jill Boniske - Asheville, NC

“Melissa possesses thorough nutritional knowledge derived from years of experience and research. Her expertise in the field of healing foods is outstanding. As a culinary educator as well as wellness coach she will help you identify goals (nutritional or otherwise), plan strategies and create structures toward healthy living. Out of the box thinking.”
Jolanta Balikowska-Farurey

“Melissa Ward provided healthy, tasty nutritional foods to me when I was recovering from an illness. She is an excellent chef and nutritionist, uses organic tasty fresh foods, and is highly supportive of individual needs.”
Julie Levine

“Melissa is a creative master in the kitchen. I'm so impressed with her in-depth knowledge of food's healing power, and her ability to harness that into delicious recipes worthy of dinner parties or simple meals at home. She is fun, trustworthy and professional. I also think you get a great value in her services. Her compassionate personality also makes her a wonderful wellness coach. You won't regret hiring this amazing woman.”
Sheila Moreland

“Melissa takes individual dietary needs very seriously and is personable and innovative in her approach.”
Prudence Hall, M.D.
Founder/Medical Director
The Hall Center - Santa Monica

“The combinations of flavors and balance of tastes and textures made each bite a delight.”
Elizabeth Weber - Santa Monica

“Melissa’s nutritional knowledge is excellent, and she always guided us to the freshest and healthiest of foods.”
LA - Malibu

“You are a very talented chef. Your food is terrific. I lost ten pounds in less than two months with your food in a nutritious, flavorful and enjoyable way.”
SM - Pacific Palisades

Weddings & Parties

“Melissa Ward at Organic Gourmet did what can only be described as a top notch job! She and her team made a night to remember for my husband's 40th birthday, a Rat Pack theme. My husband and I are both celiacs and can't eat soy as well, and Melissa saw only opportunity, not problems, and made an exquisite spread. The mashed potato bar was a total hit with the party, and people talked for days about the passed bacon-wrapped dates, Swedish meatballs, and vegan carrot ginger soup served in shot glasses. Melissa had great ideas on how to make not just the food, but the party better, and she did it was grace and excitement. My husband and I not only didn't have to worry about getting sick, but we delighted in the food and the whole evening! We'd hire her again any time for any event!”
A Stoner

“You have been so terrific throughout this entire processs, guiding and calming us! Thanks again for the wonderful wedding dinner, settings, et al. What a wonderful memory to remember!”
JM - Pacific Palisades

“You and your staff did a wonderful job, not just the food, which was exceptional, but your attention to every detail and the generous spirit with which you did it.”
JP - Brentwood

“Thank you so much for your excellent efforts and terrific results in catering S & B’s wedding. Your attention to detail on a not-so-easy but beautiful site was noted by all. The food was delicious, the service was wonderful. Thanks for making my daughter’s wedding a very memorable event.”
LT - West Los Angeles

“Thank you so much for your tremendous help at our wedding…the food was superb and the service excellent. We received so many compliments! Your calm and soothing presence in the face of my pre-wedding anxiety was much appreciated and your staff was great.”

“Melissa, R and I can’t thank you enough for helping give us the wedding of our dreams! It was so nice to be able to turn over a lot of the responsibilities that come with planning a wedding. You handled everything beautifully, and your food was to die for!


Cooking Classes

“I loved taking cooking lessons with Melissa Ward of Organic Gourmet! She really listened and helped create recipes that were low-sodium, all-natural (but still delicious!) entrees and teaching me how to feel comfortable using raw meat. I am a beginner cook, but Melissa helped me feel like with just a few easy steps I could make really tasty and healthy meals for me and my boyfriend. I am so excited about everything I have learned and it is helping me to enjoy cooking as I am becoming more creative and health-conscious in the kitchen.”
L Teicher

"Melissa Ward has taught at Let's Get Cookin', my cooking school for the past few years. She emphasizes a healthy eating lifestyle in her classes and is very knowledgeable about diet and nutrition. She is an expert in organic and healing foods . Melissa communicates well with students in classes and offers practical advice, suggestions and recipes that enable them to make better eating choices. Students have sought her out as a consultant and wellness coach outside of classes because they value her professional input."
Phyllis Vaccarelli
Let's Get Cookin'


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