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Best Cooking Teachers in Los Angeles
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Cookery is not chemistry, it is an art. It requires instinct and taste rather than exact measurements.
- X. Marcel Boulestin, 1928

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Cooking Classes, Los Angeles

Private Cooking Classes

Why not learn to cook at home? Cooking is a habit that takes time to build, yet with each new discovery you are inspired to learn more and create your own style. Melissa Ward Catering offers personal, hands on cooking classes taught in the privacy of your kitchen. Melissa will teach you how to shop for and prepare the specific recipes of your choosing, designed both for your interest and skill level.

Melissa’s cooking classes focus on teaching techniques, profiling ingredients and generating ideas so that you can always feel confident in the kitchen.

Cooking doesn't have to take a long time and it doesn't have to be stressful. Approached with the right attitude, cooking can be easy, and it's a simple way to take care of your self, and a happy, healthy kitchen is the ultimate in aromatherapy!

Here’s How It Works

Melissa brings any of the tools needed to supplement your own equipment, plus all of the ingredients needed to prepare the menu. No kitchen is too small, or too large.

Choose a one-on-one class, and you have the option of first receiving a nutritional screening, and then learn to prepare the recipes and menus suited to your current situation in a personalized class based on the results of the consultation. Or design your own class based on your desire to learn those recipes you’ve always wanted to prepare. Improvisation is welcomed and encouraged!

Invite your family and friends for a group private class in your home, and be rewarded for your efforts when you sit down and enjoy the meal you’ve prepared together. Cooking classes make a perfect gift for anyone, including newlyweds, newly singles and young adults learning to live on their own.

Learning to cook is fun, and rewarding, and by learning in your own home, it takes a lot of pressure off of knowing what equipment you can use, what your space can realistically accommodate, and what fun tools and gadgets might be worth adding to your collection. Let Melissa design a custom class for you, or choose from one of our popular classes.

Group Classes

Group Classes are taught hands-on with the option to observe only, with locations on the West Side of Los Angeles. Topics include healthy cooking fast, healing and restorative foods, menus for entertaining, farmer’s market menus, world cuisine, and many more. Class menus vary with the seasons. Contact us for current listings.
In addition to teaching her own group classes, Melissa teaches group classes for the following organizations:


The Learning Annex:

Los Angeles Unified School District/Nutrition Network:
This program runs January–June of each school year and is designed to teach children enrolled in classes K-12 about healthy, nutritionally sound food preparation and choices with an emphasis on organic produce and products. Melissa is also available to teach this class in private schools, camps and workshops.


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